Beauty in Growth

“I am a person of worth created in the image of God to relate and live”

At this moment in my life, I can honestly say this statement and truly believe it. For awhile, unfortunately I could not. Life can hurt you so bad at times, you seriously can get to the point that you do not recognize yourself…that WAS me!

I’m here to tell you now, if you are someone who is in this predicament…you aren’t for sure how to get a grip on your life…lucky you, there is HOPE!

When I first got to college, I was super excited to meet new people and explore with many different crowds. Life was extremely chill and everything seemed to be a big party. Along this part of the wave, I met some of my closest friends that are still with me til this day. However, I did lose people I loved.

It is important to understand that God places people in your life to teach you, help you grow, etc. It’s never an intentional act from the Lord to destroy you, even though some of these people might hurt you, it’s all for your greater purpose. I had to learn that the hard way. I love hard and I am very loyal, so it takes me a minute to truly let go. Toxic friends, boyfriends, girlfriends are NO GOOD! You will never ever have a positive influence on someone who is constantly negative, doesn’t want better for themself, or worst of all, doesn’t even love themself. Before you can bring them up, I’m telling you they will bring you down. Growth requires separation from people with these motives. It sucks, but you can’t change hearts…only God can. Choose to love these people from a distance…never hate because hating those who hate you doesn’t solve a thing. Remember light always draws out darkness, but for your own personal peace of mind, don’t try to save those not willing to even save themselves.

On a brighter note, CHERISH YOUR REAL FRIENDS & grow alongside with them. At the end of my sophomore year, I can say I really knew who was for me and who was against me. For instance, my best friend, Stephanie Ferrante, (if you’re reading this, hey buddy!!) is someone I know God intentionally put in my life for as long as I live. When I had high points in my life, she was always there cheering for me even when things weren’t too hot for her at the moment. And when I was going through hell, she was there to go through it with me. Steph kept it real with me in her own way. You need friends that will not only tell you the truth, but will do so in a way that reflects love and compassion. I pray each and every one of you finds or keeps a friend like Steph ❤ If you are struggling to seek who is real in your walk of life, I can tell you right now judgemental friends who are always pointing out your flaws, but coincidentally don’t recognize their very flaw in pushing you down over and over are toxic people who really don’t love themselves or you. They have no control over their insecurities and choose to play the victim. That is why they are so critical of others because it’s easy to point out someone else’s mess, but not so for their own. When confronted, they refuse to be mature and talk about their issues because really the issue is within themselves anddd they realize you can’t fix that, so they are left with lashing out. These are essentially jealous, non motivating, and dangerous people to be influenced by. Pay attention to who claps when you do great, but is silent when you fail. Also pay even more close attention to those who get excited when you fail. These are very hurt individuals that you shouldn’t expect them to love you. However, you can and should love them (the most angry and bitter people need your kindness and love vibes the most), but KEEP them at a distance…this isn’t your circle or tribe of friends. Pray they grow and wish them well, but KEEP YOUR TRAIN MOVING. True friends who understand that you and them might not be fighting the same battle, but still choose to love you and push you to be great are ones to NEVER LET GO!! Positive energy is contagious!!

Above all else loves, I am so grateful that God gave me the wisdom to weed out these negative and temporary relationships in my life. Each and every relationship I’ve had thus far, whether good or bad, has been beneficial for my growth and is why I am simply…”Bullet Proof”. Today, right now in 2017, I challenge you all to seek God and ask Him to give you the wisdom to let go of people who aren’t willing to tackle life with you and GROW. Ask Him to give you the strength and courage to move forward in love and grace!

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