Dear Hair;

Not until I got to college did I really start taking risk with my hair. Whatever style I am rocking at the time was for sure thought out and planned! Lol I love embracing my creative side, so really my hair styles are more like mini projects for myself to wear until I get inspired to try out another one. SO, as you can see below, I’ve gone through many hair changes that all really share a piece of who I am inside. I’d like to share with you some of the risks and looks I have done thus far. Freshman year for the most part I rocked my natural hair by wearing it natural or straightening it from time to time. I did have my stylist (s/o to Ms. Kim..she has been styling my hair since I was 10 ☺ 👉🏽 Kimbra Hightower) apply a Brazilian Blowout to my hair as well. For all my ladies that are working with a curly disaster up there or simply just have way to much hair to work with 👋🏽, this one is for you! It is not like a relaxer or perm. Brazilian Blowout is a very healthy product for your hair and is a preferred smoothing treatment of celebs, beauty experts, and stylists around the world! Try it out! It really worked for me and was very manageable for me as an on the go athlete as well.

OKAY, SO I DO LOVE MY WEAVE, and I do believe…if you weave, you will achieve. In the summer of 15’ I had this bomb big curly weave from Indique Hair.

It is the Pure Curly 16inch. I LOVED IT! & for those who know me, I had to give it my own look, so my stylist highlighted it perfectly to mix with my hair. I really enjoyed this look because at the time my natural curls were more relaxed, so I missed the big hair look. I def recommend this for summer fun hair and a great way to give your natural hair a break. ALSO, Ladies, you can buy the best hair, but if your installment is jacked…ohhh baby what is you doingggggg.

NEXT! MY PURPLE HAIR!!!! By far, this was my favorite look of all time for myself! It was a big risk, but it’s awesome because I inspired many other people to try out non traditional colors for their hair. Because after all, it’s just hair. My purple hair really expressed my confidence within myself. I am not afraid to jump out to the deep end. Again, BE YOU AND LOVE YOU! You shouldn’t be discouraged to try or chase a certain goal or look you want because of fear from what others say…and if these “others” you fear are you friends, Loves….you need new friends!! ☕️.

My big chop…..HELLO 20! Okay, so for my 20th birthday, Ms.Kim chopped it all off for me! I had always admired females who cut their hair off for a change, but I could never work up the guts to do so. At the time, my natural hair had grown to my breasts and mid way to my back, so I did not know how that would make me feel once it was all gone. However, again I had thought about this for about a year…I knew for a fact I wanted something to POP off my 20’s. What better way than to rock the “short hair like Nia Longgg..” 💁🏽 This look really inspired me to take other risks that year in life and I truly began to find myself more and more. (andddd I also cut it even shorter before school started back up #addictedtothescissors 😆)

Recently, I tried out my first side part with a darker color wave weave from Hair Are Us (Indian wave). Big thanks to my Oklahoma stylist, Raysheeda Blake-Hughes  for installing and styling this one!! I really NEEDED this look to help my edges grow back from breakage. FYI…DO NOT WEAR LOVEPINK HEAD BANDS OR ANY OTHER COTTON ELASTICITY TYPE HEAD BAND. It literally broke my edges off and had me like nhrvwlvmwimvo!!!!!!!

BUT! Currently, I HAVE MY RED HAIR! My mom actually had red hair when she was around my age, so I just knew this look would be perfect for me going into my senior year of college…HOT AND FIERCE!!


To all my ladies and gents who have taken the time to read my hair diaries, MIL GRACIAS! And remember, healthy hair is good hair! All of my styles were properly done by stylist and I can not express how important it is to take care of your hair (deep conditions and trimmings) between your hustle and flow of life.

Take care and stay beautiful…inside and out,



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