How Bad do You Want It?

I remember watching this video for the first time towards the end of junior year in high school. I was hurt. No scholarship or even schools interested in me for track. I was pretty down. I had given up another sport I had loved and succeeded in (basketball) for track. But, it wasn’t looking to good for me. I thought you know if I only focus on track then OF COURSE results are going to come even quicker than they did when I was splitting time with basketball. However, that wasn’t the case. But…my dad showed me this video. He’s like you gonna quit? How bad do you want to do this? You still have one more year…don’t give up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I had to look myself in the mirror. I wanted to run track in college for a great school. Point blank period….and I wasn’t taken no for an answer.

So, that summer I worked my a** off!! I came into my senior year in the best shape of my life. Both my high school and club coaches pushed me to my limit and challenged me day in and day out. I remember my first indoor meet at the Texas A&M High School Invitational. I was so nervous because that’s when most seniors get their offers. I knew the OSU sprints coach was coming to see me and others girl run that day. I also knew that the year before this, I didn’t even make finals in my event (400). Not even close.

At that moment, I had a choice…how bad you I want this? The result of that meet, I won my prelim heat, got to finals and had an indoor lifetime best in the 400, which carried me into my best high school season yet. Few months later, I had my official visit to OSU. I basically knew the school was for me by my second day there. By April, I signed on National Signing day to OSU.

The point is, I WANTED THAT BAD!
What do you want so bad? Nothing else mattered to me. Along with that hard come back…I had other things going on too. Real life sh*t lol BUT you CAN NOT GIVE UP!!!! No matter what you are pushing too, I can tell you that it’s possible. Keep fighting. If you want to get in shape, finish a marathon, learn a new skill, you can do this! Fitness isn’t all just body. Your mind has to want it just as bad. So, let’s get FIT…mind, body and soul.

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