As seen in my first blog “FLAWLESS”, taking care of your face is essential. Especially if you’re wanting to get your face beat here and there 💁🏽



My sister, Alex Coleman, is going to share her nick nacks and tricks with you below! Having her this summer make my face when needed was such a blessing. I def learned a lot from her! This one is for you if you’re like me and usually just stick to mascara and some bomb lip stick lol. These new products and techniques will be a game changer!!
Check out the step-by-step pics below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • The type of blush she uses in the above slideshow is called “Warm Soul” from MAC.
  • Also, she uses the NYX Finishing Powder, but I do also like to use the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray.
  • Lastly, the lip color being used is “Rouge Shine” from Sephora, however I do LOVE “Lolita” by Kat Von D.

Follow @Alexcoleman_05 on Twitter for more insight, questions, or comments!

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