Finish Line

Hey loves!

It’s been a pretty LONG first couple of weeks. First few weeks of my last year of college and I can definitely say getting to the finish line is going to be tough. It’s funny because I pictured this year to be smooth sailing. HOWEVER, I was reminded that to whom much is given, much is required. I have a lot of goals for my senior year that are going to require a lot of determination, focus, and faith! Right now, I am enrolled in classes that are putting me out of my comfort zone, while at the same time wrapping up my studies for the LSAT. I am really getting stretched mentally to think in new ways. Along with the academics of college life, I have a ton of “back to school” duties to complete in the organizations I am apart of, as well as most importantly getting back into shape for my two last track seasons. You would think with all of these major things going on there would be zero room for becoming bored…unmotivated…etc. BUT NO! Distractions of all sorts come the hardest when you have your mind-set on getting to that finish line. The enemy wouldn’t come to mess with you when you’re not a threat. As I write this to you all, I’m really helping myself too. These past weeks I literally have to remind myself that the road to my victory is yes, already won, but I am going to have to work for it. Use your spiritual weapons of prayer, supportive friends and family, positive vibes from the environments around you. I have come and YOU have come too far to lay down now. Don’t give up on your dreams because you are too impatient to wait to get to your finish line or you have hit an uphill course. An old coach of mine use to tell me, “Dan, let the finish line come to you”. Stay strong y’all! Whatever your finish line may be…YOU ARE ALMOST THERE.

2 Timothy 4:7 New International Version (NIV)

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.


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