If I make $100 a week, most likely $90 of it is going to fast food. It’s not a habit I am proud of, BUT I am here to be real with y’all!! Lol I’m pretty sure me, along with half of the college population has a guilty pleasure with food. Late night studying, early morning rushing to class, and the typical oh sh*t I don’t have ANYTHING in my fridge to eat is a typical day in the life of mwah! HOWEVER, this post is not to encourage irresponsible spending on food or a crazy sporadic diet from fast food restaurants. I want to share some ways I have been trying to not only save money, but at the same time eat and spend more responsibly.


  • When buying groceries, make a list BEFORE you get to the store. For me, when I already pre-plan out meals I will make or have at the house, I am less tempted to just hop in my car and get something quick.
  • Use eating out as a “weekend” thing or a TREAT! Okay, so if you’re anything like me, you’re ballin’ on a budget. Eating out everyday is no bueno. Therefore, I tell myself the days I don’t receive meals with the track team, which is basically the weekend: I’ll order takeout one time during that 3 day period. I realllyyyyyy am trying to stick to this, BUT IT IS HARD BECAUSE I LOVE TAAA EAT.
  • Lastly, create a budget and STICK TO IT. You never know when a rainy day might come, so don’t let your food obsession get in the way of your goal to a healthy lifestyle.


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