Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone 🏃🏽‍♀️

You might of read in my “Finish Line” post about how academically I am being challenged to step out of my comfort zone mentally. Well! Physically, I have developed a new fascination that at first glimpse, I would have NEVER agreed to. Just about a few weeks ago, I ran my second 3K Cross-Country race EVER in my lifetime. I was recruited to OSU as a sprinter (400 and 200 meter runner). However, since my junior year, I took some big risk with my training by working out with my DG crew (Distance Girls♥️). Pushing myself to running way more mileage than I was use to has been an adjustment, but a great one. It has made me a stronger 800 runner and I learned a lot about myself. Of course I still do have personal limitations and adjustments to be made that will ensure a positive outcome for me on the track, but having the courage and taking the leap to try something new is something I will never forget and will carry with me for the rest of my life. What area in your life do you know you need to take a big leap of faith in? Whether it might be athletically or not, I encourage you to take the steps needed to fly!!!


Since this post is in the Fitness category, I will leave you all with some mini goals if getting fit is one of your “out of comfort zone” things to conquer.

Start by writing out your personal goals for yourself for a 3 month period (90 days). Try to have one goal you know you can make, one “reach” goal (a goal that will require some work, but it is attainable in this 3 month period), and lastly one ultimate goal (what you hope your end result will be).


Stay beautiful my loves!





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