Black Girl Magic 💫⭐️

What is Black Girl Magic you say? Why can’t all girls of all races be of Magic you say? Well, they are. Everyone, female…male..Black…White…Hispanic..etc. However, in main-stream America, African-American women are constantly being depicted as uneducated, “ghetto”, and basically just not beautiful successful people even when statistics says otherwise. It all started back in the times of slavery, when all people of color were categorized by the shade of their skin. The closer an African-American women was to the Anglo look, the more “beautiful” she was seen as. This ignorant logic has carried its way to today. Check out this video.

NOW! With that being said, if you didn’t already figure it out, the purpose of Black Girl Magic isn’t to put down other races of women, but it’s meant to uplift and encourage ALL shapes, sizes, and shades of African-American women to embrace and be proud of their culture. My sorority sisters and I of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. had a taste of our very own Black Girl Magic during our University’s Homecoming. Our theme of Black Girl Magic influenced and inspired many young ladies! Not only in what we represent-sisterhood, scholarship, and service, but the root of it all…being confident in our beautiful black skin.
Here are some highlights of our magic not only during HOCO, but throughout this semester. 🌟💫

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