What if someone told you that upon completing your last semester in higher education, that you would have to come up with $25,000 to enroll. You also would not have the choice to work anywhere outside of campus to make more money and oh, you can not work on campus either because of your $25,000 debt before enrollment. ALSO, it is impossible to get a loan, since you have no family in the United States to co-sign with you, and you do not qualify for student loans because of your international status. However, you are expected to have this $25,000 in order to just enroll. Sounds pretty foolish, right? Well, this is actually an on going issue for international students pursing to further their education in the United States. My good friend, Rewan, boyfriend is in this predicament as I write this to you all. Her boyfriend, Femi, attends Oklahoma State University with me and is a Chemical Engineering major.

Below is his personal story that I want to share with you all in hopes that you help in any way possible to him graduating! With me also looking to complete my undergraduate degree in Spring 2018, I can only imagine how I would react in this moment. Being so close to a major accomplishment and then things begin to happen that are out of your control has to be stressful.

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You can help make a difference by donating, sharing Femi’s story, and of course praying for a solution that gets Femi to graduation! As University of Florida’s President stated in his recent comments about this issue for all universities, “My concern is that the U.S. risks losing its position as the destination of choice for the world’s very best graduate and professional students. We must, as a nation and university, tell the world that we welcome international students and that they have wonderful opportunities here. Our university’s future depends on this — and so does our nation’s”.

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