Christmas Goodies ♥️💚😋

As you can see, In the Coleman household, we go ALL OUT for Jesus’ Birthday ♥️💚

Our first recipe to tackle was myself and “Master Chef Jae’s” new found recipe of Peppermint Cookies. We were so excited to try this out on Christmas Eve, but we ran into some slight problems. First of all, the instructions to the recipe left us hanging on some key ingredients to make our dough. However, we jumped that hurdle and continued cooking til the end. Our final result 😂 let’s just say it was fun making the cookies!! But we won’t leave you with the recipe, and we hope Santa had extra milk to wash them down with! 😬

Next up, my Dad knocked out his famous Red Velvet Cake!♥️ Be careful with this one…😛

Lastly, if you’ve read one of my very first blogs you’ll see that Chess Pie is a Southern favorite in the household! This Christmas, we made two of these babies!! Twice as nice 😉 Click here to check out the recipe from my blog post, “Only the Real Can Relate”. Merry Christmas, everyone!♥️💚

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