January 1, 2018…📝

¡Feliz años nuevo! Wow! What a year! This past month in December, I wanted to take the time to reflect over 2017 month by month and really take it all in one more time before 2018 begins! Reflecting over the good and bad things of 2017 gave me tons of lessons, memories, and things to look forward to for this brand new year. Below are pictures of highlights in each month of 2017 in order from January to December that were special to me! (definitely could not fit every amazing moment!!)

Every year, it is popular to start the new year with a New Year’s Resolution. However, I like to deter from the norm…a lot lol. These past few years, I challenged myself in different ways, other than just having a simple New Year’s Resolution of “I am going to do this more…or this less…or…ect. Last year, I had mini goals or tasks to do each month as apart of my personal growth. It was awesome because each month I had something new to look forward to push me to be the best person I can be. It also was a great way to keep me focused on self-love and making time for…ME!♥️ This year, I decided to embrace a word that I feel as though God placed on my heart and has shown me in various ways that this is the perfect season in my life for it. PREPARATION! As I transition out of undergrad and into a law school (prayerfully I do 🙏🏽), I know I am about to enter into the unknown…a new world…big girl world! lol I’ll be out on my own for real and exploring many exciting and fresh things! This is one example of many that let’s me know 2018 is my preparation year! Every step I take by faith is preparing me for an even bigger one. I’m blessed to share with you all ways you can be creative with your life and this New Year! I pray for many many awesome experiences to you all in this brand new year of 2018, and also for strength to pass all of your tests and trials (because you will run into them…duh). Welp! Enjoy the rest of your 1st day of 2018! Keep posted for my blog about studying abroad aquí in Costa Rica!🌺


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