Praying for a Change

First off, thank you to the O’Colly for publishing another piece I wrote for the two unfortunate black face incidents last year on my campus, Oklahoma State University. Secondly, it is sad that another racist act occurred around the same time this year here at OSU. Will these ignorant events ever stop? Change requires action. Therefore, we can argue all day on “the right way” to approach these incidents, but ultimately each day we need to pray to God for the guidance to keep moving forward with the courage to push the conversation on addressing these disgusting occurrences without losing what the actual focus is: racism in 2018.

Thanks for reading 👍🏽

2 thoughts

  1. It is the mind of a fool that defends s lie. No matter where you are remember who you are. Dani what we are seeing is a repeat of what has been allowed to reemerge. When evil is feed it is given permission to run its course. Let us stay focused it will make us stronger as we seek truth from our God.

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