Keep Pounding the Rock!

I think it’s safe to say that I neglect writing for my fitness blog posts haha but in reality fitness is a HUGE part of my daily life, since I am a collegiate athlete. Recently, I finished reading this book,Β The Champion’s Comeback, by Jim Afremow. I was inspired to read this from his previous book, The Champion’s Mind. My former coach, Diego Flaquer, recommended both pieces to me and I am forever grateful for that!

If you are currently in a hole with training, performing, or even getting started with your fitness goals, I want to pass the baton to you in checking out both of these books above, which have shaped my thinking as an athlete. I am confident that if you truly take the time to read and digest each part of the books listed above, you will see changes in your approach to not only competitive sports and athletics in general, but in your life as well.

You are closer to your dreams than you think. The real heart and spirit of a champion is not one who never fails, but one who never gives up!


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