BLACK PANTHER WAS AND IS EVERYTHINGGGGGG! Okay okay…obviouslyyy I have some thoughts on the film, Black Panther, and quite honestly I do not think I will be able to share them all in this blog post lol but I do have some key points I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED from this movie.

1.) Black empowerment…DUH! From beginning to end, I admired the way the film exlempified true blackness and culture. Seeing the accuracy of tribal clothing, headdresses, and the way of life was beautiful. I left the movie proud…smiling from ear to ear!

2.) BLACK WOMEN IN CHARGE? YES WE ARE! If you did not notice (how could you not though) that throughout the movie you see black women in powerful positions making tremendous impacts left and right. The respect for the black woman seen in Black Panther almost left me in tears when W’Kabi surrendered his pride for Okoye’s love (can we please clone W’Kabi).

3.) My final major takeaway I want to share with you all is how Black Panther unapolagetically addresses historical facts, as well as current issues too. If you felt uncomfortable hearing some of it, then I’m excited because in order for real change and growth to take place in America, we need people to get out of their comfort zones and WAKE UP.

There’s just so much more overwhelming goodness I received from Black Panther. In the meantime though, I will continue to wear my Black Queen crown around, spreading a little bit of Black Girl Magic wherever I go. I challenge you all to be great as well too!


Dani 👑

2 thoughts

  1. Well spoken Dani.. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but have always embraced my Queen Status. No matter what the SITUATION my Spirit to love God and depend on him and my Queen mentality always helped me RISE up in each one. My daughters have been my Nubian Queens since little girls. We are Warrior Women, with heart. Nothing like a movie that helps others see the BIGGER PICTURE! I will take your recommendation and see the movie. So proud of you always!! Xoxo’s


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